A Wild Conash Appears! What do you do?

Hey everyone, Conash here! One of the perks of being part time code monkey/community manager is that you guys will get to hear me yammer on here every now and then, haha! Anyways, I’d like to start off by saying thanks to everyone who’s wished me congradulations on my promotion, it does mean a lot, and those of you who didn’t get a chance to tell me to my face? Thanks to you too, it’s the thought that matters afterall!

Anyways, I guess I should probably tell you guys some of what I’ll be doing around here now, huh? Well, it’d probably be best to start off with my community manager duties since that’s what you’ll all probably be seeing me doing more directly! First off, I’m in charge of running and maintaining a few expansions to the community that we’ve got going on, including the new Bad Kitty Games subreddit, Harem Collector facebook page, and Bad Kitty Games discord chat! I’ll be regularly checking these pages and using them to help keep users informed about what’s going on in regards to the games, forums, or just helping to foster the BKG community in general. I intend to give other users the same general freedom they can expect on the forums or wiki so don’t be shy to say hello! Next, I’m going to be doing my best to keep the wiki up to date, we had fallen behind in more recent times, though I would like to take a moment to give a shoutout to Caymerra, Shadowblack, and DemitriVritra for each helping get the wiki back up to date, accurate, and keeping an eye out for future updates, it wasn’t easy getting the wiki back up to date after all these months that I had fallen behind, but you each helped tremendously to get it to the point that it’s at now, so thank you! As well, you forum go-ers have probably noticed that I’ve have joined the blue/red forces in their valiant struggle against spammers, oh and I guess now running stuff like the monthly poll and all that, but details! Anyways, I’ve also got a few different potential future projects in mind but we’re going to see how that stuff all pans out before I start getting overwhelmed or something haha!

As for my code monkey duties, NoMoshing and I have talked about a few projects, some of which I’ve gotten done rather rapidly as I’m sure the testers could tell you, but I’d rather not spoil details on that stuff too much. Needless to say, we have plans to try to make your Harem collecting experience a lot smoother, and that’s just the start of things! While I might be willing to divulge certain details if relevant conversation comes up, I do intend on keeping what I talk about in this regards rather controlled, but you’re always free to try to get a sneak peak or two out of me on the forums! Anyways, I think that I’ve probably taken up enough of you guys’ time rambling about this and that, so see ya and happy fapping!

(Note from NoMoshing: Backers! Don’t forget about the Backer Devstream this Saturday!)

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