Harem Collector v0.28.7 Public Release!

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Features in this version:

-We’re now offering a new “lite version” download that will allow you to update your game if you’ve previously downloaded the full version!
-New Banneret ceremony for those of you with a massive amount of fame (may require completing a few tournaments), which will include it’s own scenes with a certain well known character.
-A new quest requiring the banneret rank, where you will find out what’s really going on with the elves!
-New faceset and artwork for Nerys done by the new artist SacB0y!
-Yeon’s facesets have been changed to more accurately reflect her appearance
-New custom icons for a whole bunch of statuses, including new health, mana, and momentum icons done by Kumiho!
-Stun, Knockdown, Sleep, and Paralysis have been changed to reduce chance of stun-locking on both the player and enemy side of things, while still possible players are advised to not rely solely on such strategies.
-The Save system has now switched to the Yanfly system showing more information on your save files in addition to a new 50 save file limit. Old save files can still be loaded but new save files will not be able to be transferred to old versions of the game.
-A brand new auto-save feature with it’s own save file that should help prevent full game resets for people who don’t save often.
-A new encyclopedia system that will tell you what various special equipment can do, ask Kyrie about ‘research’ to learn more!
-New Party banter between Therese x Diadira and Yeon x Yamamaya!
-Heartbeat Panic has had it’s chance to give extra actions reduced, but the bug where two-part skills (such as Kyrie’s Burning Blizzard or Raina’s Beatdown) count as two actions instead of 1 has been fixed.
-Due to issues many players have had with severe lag (sometimes stopping the game from updating the visuals entirely) the ability to turn the rain animation on/off has been added to the options menu. While the game will still act as if it is raining the animation itself will not play. Instead, players will have to rely on the sound of rain when outside to determine if it’s raining.
-A BUNCH of bug fixes.

50 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.28.7 Public Release!”

      1. Have the same problem, current versoin is still the old one and when I click on the download link I get the bad kitty games 404 Go back! Ruuuunnnnn!!! Save yourself!

  1. When I click on the “Click here to download the game” I get a page with:

    Bad Kitty Games 404

    Go back! Ruuuunnnnn!!! Save yourself!

    Any advice?

    1. You need 40, currently there’s a max of 44 fame that you can get before Banneret so you have to do all 3 solo tournaments and have to do most of the guild quests (you can only be missing one of them tops, and if you sold the nuns then you don’t get fame for “Can’t Handle It Cove”). If you’ve done all of that and only have 39 fame, I’d advise that you check the Southport townhouse for an old man on the floor, if you help him up for free you’ll get +1 fame.

        1. 38 without the old man? Maybe what you’re missing is one of the tournaments as that’s honestly a pretty awkward number to end up at, check to make sure that you’ve completed “Super Tournament Fighter II”!

          1. Checking, i did all tournaments and guilds mission, i didn’t sold the nuns, as the Hero and the paladin duel, also helped the old man. Maybe a played a version with a bug in fame?*
            Sorry the double post

  2. In the haunted pirate ship on the vacation isle, on the 3rd floor, there’s a notification message hung on the wall with a typo:

    “Swords were common boarding weaposn…”

    1. Another bug: While most healing spells will fail to cast if the target’s health is full, Therese’s Lay On Hands does not, potentially wasting mana.

  3. For all the folks having issues with the download link, don’t forget to refresh your cache as well, by forcing a full reload (usually Ctrl-F5).

    1. With the Lite update, it shouldn’t. If it does, there’s a big problem.
      With a brand new full install, you will need to bring your replay.rvdata2 file from the only version’s file folder to the new version’s.

  4. I did all the quests and the tournaments, but I still have 34 fame. Is there really no other way to get more fame?
    (Sorry if you got ny commentaar for the 3rd time, my internet us not so good)

    1. There are a total of 10 completable guild quests in the game (Cannibal Coprs isn’t finished yet) they are “Na Na Na Why Don’t You Get A Job?”, “Check Out My Package”, “Night of the Raping Dead”, “Ain’t No Party Like A Search Party”, “Can’t Handle It Cove”, “Virgin Gynocides”, “Hall Monitor from Hell”, “It Came From Below the Equator”, “Sacrifices for Algernon”, and “Phantom Breaker Battleground”

      On top of that there are 3 tournaments that give fame, “Tournament Fighter”, “Tournament Fighter II”, and “Super Tournament Fighter II”, if you have completed all 13 of these quests then you would either have 39 or 42 fame (dpeneding on if you sold the nuns) if you have completed all 13 of these quests but don’t have at least 39 fame please email your save file to me at conash@badkittygames.net so that I can see what’s up and fix the problem for you.

      1. I have the same problem. I completed all quests and tournaments, but only have 36 fame, and some of the quests do not show up in the log (for example super tournament fighter 2) even though I completed them.

        1. Check back with the guild receptionist in the southern city. It’s possible to complete one of the quests, and have it marked as Completed in the quest log, without checking in and receiving the reward (and fame) for it.

    1. Are you hitting the A, S, or D keys after the fight? If so that could be the cause of your issue as it could interrupt your walking pattern, it’s best to try to avoid hitting those keys during scripted moments as that are various instances that we forget to disable the ability to change walking speed, sorry!

  5. Bit of a bug: After the Banneret party, I noticed that I now get the “oh shit, where’s my guild card” dialogue when talking to the Eastfort guild’s receptionist. After double-checking, I found that this applies to Westfort and Southport as well (but not Northmarket).

    1. Update to the 0.28.8 release, we fixed this bug there. Since you already have a 0.28 release you can just grab the lite version for a quicker download and installing process!

  6. Great update as always. However, it might sound really idiot but just checking, the new scene with you-know-who doesn’t have artwork yet right?

  7. I think I found a bug of some sort…rather major as well…just finished the vacation and once I was back at the manor I tried to go downstairs and the game crashed. Went back in and I only have the autosave now, my non-auto save file is no longer there.

    1. That’s weird… Honestly that sounds like it might be an issue with your computer but if you sent over a copy of your auto-save I’ll definitely look into it to see if it happens on my end, and if so why!

  8. Hello.
    I’ve got a different problem, Larelle completely disappeared from all the manors, yet I can still play with her, she doesn’t appear in my follower’s list, too. Now I can’t interact with her anymore.

  9. How does one get to the banneret party? I currently have my Guild Card – Journeyman with 42 fame (I believe I got this on v28.8) by finishing all quests (properly did em’ all). I did use the cheats, time turner, etc if that matters.

        1. Based on the information given, it sounds like you probably completed “Get Dumped” in an earlier version of the game before the Banneret ceremony was added (and thus the quest didn’t require being a Banneret). Since you do have the right amount of fame yet don’t have the guy showing up, could you email your save file to me at conash@badkittygames.net so that I could look into what the problem is?

          1. I did change versions 3 times in the last bit. Played on v0.24.9, v0.27.7(if my memory serves me correctly) and then v0.28.8. Sent the E-mail.

  10. On the quest “It Came From Below the Equator,” I cannot progress through either of the locked doors. I got the “Captain’s Key” already, and there doesn’t appear to be any other direction in which to proceed.

  11. I managed to break my game some how and locked myself out of the “Can’t handle it cove” quest as no flyer seems to appear after the honey trapper quest. Well I’m assuming that’s the case, is there anything I can do to move the day forward to see if it just needed me to talk to the manor owner first before the flyer would show up?

    1. Do you have a Banneret card in your file? We have a bug that is present in the current version, but will be fixed soon, where it’s possible to get locked out of quests if you don’t do the Banneret upgrade event soon enough.

      1. Yes, I do have a Banneret card in my file. I remember that I waited for a day before doing the Banneret party though. I thought that maybe it was a glitch where because I did “Get Dumped” quest before talking to Nick (after “Honey Trapper”) that maybe I glitched it out that way, but reloading and trying that idea didn’t fix it so I have no idea what could be causing it.

        1. The problem is actually THAT you have the Banneret card. We forgot to make it so that you can start up quests that unlock at Journeyman when you get to Banneret. We’ve got a fix already in for the upcoming 0.29 release but for the meantime feel free to email your savefile to me at conash@badkittygames.net and please list any journeman quests that you haven’t started and I’ll try to start them up for you then send the save file back. From there you’ll be able to proceed on the quests as normal. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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