Unfinished Business (What we’re doing for next update)

So, the theme of the next update is, as the title of this blog post suggests, “unfinished business”. But what exactly does that mean? What can you expect coming up?

First off, for the backer mini-update later this month, we’re working on the second leg of the quest “Cannibal Corps”. This will involve a second dungeon, where you storm part of the Eastfort keep and track down the demon cult that’s at the centre of all the trouble your slaves experienced in the Eastfort sewers. Following that, well be working on “Blow Job”, the second relationship bonus quest that Gargan gives you, which will involve exploring a disused monastery deep within the mountains, searching for treasure and other bonuses.

I’ve also been moved by the pro-Serade campaign that occurred during Iron Waifu, so because of that we’re going to be putting some focus on the MILF shopkeeper of Eastfort. There will be a new collection subquest, wherein you will be tasked with chasing down collectible toys for one of Serade’s boys, and scoring some serious brownie points with Serade by doing so. This won’t replace the usual relationship point system with her, but doing so will give you some unique bonuses and unlock additional dialogue. Besides, isn’t gathering collectible trinkets a reward in itself?

Conash will be working on a few things, but in particular getting the CD Player code up and running. In case you don’t know what that is, you’ll be able to purchase a gadget for changing up the music in the Northmrket manor, and the CD items we’ve placed here and there within the game will unlock your music options. Eventually, you’ll be able to place CD Players in all the player housing, but for now we’re getting the one finished and out of the way and fully implementing CDs for all of Harem Collector’s proprietary music. Of course, this won’t be the only thing Conash gets up to, and he’ll be flexing his talents in the way of more enemy design and polishing up the existing areas of the game.

SacB0y, our newest team member, has already turned in art for Nerys’ sex a la carte and vacation sex scenes, and he’s currently working on her random sex scene pics, so getting those written and implemented into the game will also be a top priority. One all of Nerys’ solo sex scene stuff is in the bag, he’ll be working on new art for Alina in preparation for the Iron Waifu update in September, so I hope everyone gets excited for that!

Kumiho, who is responsible for all those shiny new status effect icons in the most recent update, will be focused primarily on getting through statuses that are unique to the party members. Things like Martyr, Coldsnap, Font of Life, Diadira’s songs, and Unity Force will be getting new icons for the next version, on top of a smattering of other statuses like the various Blessings and the elemental resistance effects.

Of course, we just surpassed a new goal tier on the Patreon page, and so the search for a new artist is on! Specifically, we’re looking for a second sprite artist to work on character sprites, with an eye on getting the clockwork maid and the Southport player housing fully implemented by the end of the year. Other high priority sprites I’d like to have done are the denizens of Huntervale in all their many forms, and new sprites for some of the main and secondary characters in the game, such as the Queen and Borgan, who are still using default RPG Maker sprites.

So yeah, it’s busy as always for Bad Kitty Games. Thanks for your ongoing support, especially those of you who choose to back us on Patreon, and happy fapping!

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  1. Something who would be interesting :
    In the quest manor invasion, the two nuns who are collared could be kept, why only selling or freed ?

    Only as flavor to have more live in the holy chapel.

    Something who could be be fleshed out later to, if the offer has been accepted of course (negotiation with an order as to have the little sister + location recognized, then, officiants + further objects are set in. 😉

  2. I have a few things I thought I would mention. Firstly I’m a bit of a minor historian. Now having said that I do agree with your stance that children shouldn’t be taken advantage of. However in the time brought up in the game both men and women around the ages of 9 – 13 were actually getting married and having sexual relations. This is an FYI strictly speaking on this part of my observations even though I do prefer the take on it you used strictly for the humor if not a basis in historic actuality. Further notes, Hunter village has a sex scene that can be brought up as I found while doing one of several play through runs. If you do choose to use this scene couldn’t you add in the werewolf girl as a possible willing harem addition since it just seems to skip you even finding here in the village after the fact even if you do nothing to her? I’m also curious why your using all the tease with the devil worshipers when you chase them through “hell” or whatever that dimensional plane might be. I’m of course asking all of these things and making these suggestions because you are trying to create a harem of 151 girls and it doesn’t seem like you have the full set of numbers.

    1. Alleged historical context doesn’t change the reality that in my home country, any pornographic content containing minors is punishable by law. I don’t want to go to jail or see my reputation smeared. It’s that simple.
      Regarding the other girls, feature creep has already been a huge problem on this project, ad given the amount of care and attention that the team has put into developing every harem girl, casually adding additional girls is not something we can do. Some of these characters may show up in future games, some won’t.

    2. Please keep in mind that ‘Harem Collector’ is merely the first game in a series of five games planned. The entire series will follow Hero on his adventures to amass a harem and accomplish various other goals, as such there’s not really a need to rush to fill HC1 with 151 girls as we have plenty of time to fill up the roster in future games.

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