Awiiabus and Halloween

Hey everyone! I’m sorry for this blog post being a bit late today, but I want to prioritize getting the first test version finished before writing this. Because of this and that I didn’t end up getting to work until 2pm today, but I finished what I needed to do, and now on with the blog!

So, in the next update, you’re going to have the option of collecting little figurines called Awiiabu for one of Serade’s kids as an additional way of unlocking rewards. These Awiiabu can be found… pretty much anywhere. I guess there are a lot of holes in people’s backpacks in the Middle Kingdom? We’ve scattered the first two-thirds of them throughout the game, saving the last few to be placed in new content as it comes out. But if you don’t want want to restart the game to collect them all, don’t despair! Like every collectible known to man, any Awiiabu you miss the first time around can be found on the secondary market… or an appropriately extortionate price, of course.

And what sort of things will these wonderful little collectibles grant you? New items, new equipment, but yeah, pretty much every update has that sort of thing. But I know what you’re really after. I can see it in your eyes. But I promise you, it will happen.

After a certain number of Awiiabu are collected, Serade will be grateful enough to give you… stat increases.

Anyway, August’s Poll of the Month in the forums will be the Halloween cosplay poll, so make sure you check in to let your opinion be heard. Nekochan wants a bit of extra time this year to get everything done, so we’re doing the poll a month earlier than usual. We’ve shortlisted some strong picks, though, so I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks!

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