Harem Collector v0.30.5 Public Release

It’s that time again! Here is the newest public release of Harem Collector!

Like always, you can find it here!

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the new manor stuff done in time, just a little bit more testing left to do to make sure it’s perfect. But hey, more content for next time, right?

The v0.30 changes include:

-Alina’s love quest has now been implemented! Simply either get Alina to 101 relationship points (or “Chat” with her if you’ve already surpassed that mark) to get the new quest started.
-A new sex scene following the new quest, with art by SacB0y!
-More new icons and tiles by Kumiho!
-Several enemies, most notably swarm based enemies, now take extra damage from AoE attacks

Thank you for following along, and happy fapping!

4 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.30.5 Public Release”

  1. I’m kind of stuck on two things…

    – I can’t find a way through one door, so I attempted to avoid it and carry on with the quest
    – Locating (or entering, if my assumption is correct?) a certain place seems to be an issue now (does avoiding the door have anything to do with it?)

  2. I have a suggestion for a future update, but I can`t find the forum, so I`ll post it here

    I just dug up the mushrooms in the orc cave and found 6 nun panties, I believe it`d fit the theme of the game if that began a quest ti find the (obviously very horny) nuns to which these panties belong (perhaps ending in a reverse gangbang scene/possible slaves that would unlock a daily blessing reward?)

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