The Escape Hatch

So, in the last couple weeks more projects got the boot from Patreon for violating their ToS. There’s a lot of theories as to why the standards seem to be continually getting tighter, but honestly I’m not interested in that- I’m just glad they’ve been defending adult projects as long as they have. Whjat I am interested is doing what I can to protect my project.

The sticking points for Patreon- the “big five”- are necrophilia, non-consent, lolicon, beastiality and incest. Harem Collector features two of these things with various degrees of prominence, although we’ve gone to some trouble to make sure that we’re not wearing these elements on our sleeves, so to speak.

However, there doesn’t exist any real alternative. MakerSupport was looking attractive for awhile, until they, too, started cracking down on adult projects. Nutaku might be providing a similar service, but they have yet to roll out anything comparable to Patreon. There is a certain other crowdfunding service which I (NoMoshing) refuse to be affiliated with, and I’d honestly rather go back to pumping gas for a living than allow them to profit from my work.

But I’ve been over all this before, though… what matters is this:

Bad Kitty Games’ next project doesn’t need to have any of non-consent or incest, or any of the “big five” at all.

To be clear, this isn’t kowtowing to Patreon at all- the next project we’re intending to do just doesn’t have a place for incest, and can easily replace the planned but minor amount of non-con with the far more palatable (to Patreon, at least) fetish of mind control, or perhaps leave it for a separate patch or something.

So, if Harem Collector happens to end up under Patreon’s scrutiny, our current plan is to switch the Patreon campaign to supporting our next project. Harem Collector won’t be fading away, either, we’re just going to do a very extended pre-production for our next project while still working on HC. We’ll be as clear as we can about this, and hopefully keep everything at the wink-and-nod level so newcomers to the Patreon campaign don’t get confused.

This isn’t an ideal situation for any of us, and we would much rather be able to finish HC without having to do any of this bullshit. But just so you know, that may not be possible, and we’ve got a plan in place to protect your investment in Harem Collector.

As for our next project, it won’t be Harem Collector 2- even if we were to make the game only have perfectly willing harem girls in it, we couldn’t abandon Meline like that. It is basically a hentai parody of a classic PC game series, and be more of a management sim with strategic elements, with very little RPG in the mix. Quite a departure, I know, but you can be assured it would have the same attention to detail, great game design, and dialogue that Bad Kitty Games is starting to develop a reputation for.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to prepping tonight’s minirelease and bug fix updates- Patreon backers of a certain level will get to enjoy a little taste of v0.33, and for the public v0.32.4 will have a variety of fixes for problems that have been plaguing the newer quests. So stay tuned!

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    1. They’ve been talking about doing some kind of crowd funding service for ages, and I think right now they have a Kickstarter-alike, but that doesn’t really suit HC’s needs. However, is they started a Patreon-alike, that’d be a different story.
      As for selling through Nutaku, we’ve discussed it in the past, and I rejected their offer. Harem Collector will forever be free, even if I end up selling later games through digital distribution.

  1. Just a information,the game is mostly stable for me except on a few parts on the recent update,these are:
    >Gargan & Raina vs. Bell(Lose) : Bell and Raina’s father is stuck there and Nicholas’s servant can’t come closer to you.
    >Adventurer’s Guild(Northmarket slums) : Raina’s father is still there even after the “Send Newts & dude where’s my sword?* Quest,Also if Raina only talked to the guy and not everybody in the quest,You will be stuck in the room(Unless if you use Timeturner) and if you try to go out Raina will say “I’m not finished on my investigation”
    >Trying to get the Zweihander in the Countess’s manor,if you go there after the succubus battle,the Guard will act like nothing happened and going to the Countess’s room repeats the “Hero finds that Countess is dead and he is framed” Scene.

    1. We’ll take a look at those, but we’ve recently put out an update. Try v0.32.4 if you haven’t updated already, it might solve some of these issues.

  2. There’s another site called that seems to allow pretty much any kind of adult games and has a “name your own price” option, which is similiar to patreon as long as you’re updating regularly.
    Perhaps that might be an option.

  3. Whatever happens you will still have my support. I haven’t played any of the recent updates (Because IRL sucks) but I am finally going to. Thanks for the awesome work

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