Ice, Ice, Baby

So there was an ice storm in my neighborhood last weekend. From what I’ve heard, it was a big one, so maybe you also had to deal with this bullshit over the weekend as well. Like, fuck this April in the butthole. Stop the ride, I want off.

Part of the reason why I’m so sour is that as a result, on Monday my basement leaked in three different places. Which was super fun. There wasn’t any damage to any of my precious stuff, but that was largely because I spent my morning taking all of the cardboard boxes out of the line of… water? Including our Christmas tree and decorations, so hey, guess I saved Christmas.

Mostly I just wanted to bitch and moan about this situation. It probably won’t slow the mini-release at all, because I can make up the time by putting in the evenings.

Anyway, if you’re a backer and you can make the devstream this weekend, we’re going to be spending some time putting together the Iron Waifu brackets. So, that’ll be fun, right?

Anyway, seeya next week for the mini-release and hopefully no more weather-related problems on my end!

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