Harem Collector v0.43.1 PRINCESS Public Release

You can find it in the usual place.

Changes in 43.1 include:
-Princess Quinta’s Love Quest is now available for your playing enjoyment. If you need to cheat your way into enjoying it, use the code “Ojou-Sama” to set Quinta’s affection to 101.
-The fourth tournament is now available for your solo run dueling pleasure!
-Several new vacation events: Meet Yeon’s dad, go seashell hunting with Quinta and Ino, and go drinking with Gargan and the boys!
-Quinta’s post-recruitment sex scene is fully implemented. Her love quest sex scene will be out around this time tomorrow due to a (small) further delay in art assets.
-New text-only vacation sex scenes for Yeon, Gargan and Quinta.
-Hard mode has been implement with stronger enemies, less experience, limited grinding, and some more difficult puzzles and challenges. However, progress in hard mode will occasionally unlock some new goodies in the Replay Menu under the new “Unlockables” heading.
-Easy mode has been updated with a new item that lets you change your party at any time and weaker enemies.
-Yamamaya has seen some revisions- she is now partially controllable during rages, all her rages and techniques have been rebalanced,, and Meiriona will begin teachiung her new skills earlier.
-“Dual” elements have been added- it is now possible to combine the effects of the “Anti-creature” damage types with regular elemental damage. Magic using party members who have natural “Anti-creature” element types built into their weapons will now have that damage type modify their spells (ie, when Larelle is equipped with the Black Truth, all her spells will do additional damage to Angels).
-“Collectible” quests now have their own category in the Quest Log, and quests have been colour coded based on their current status.
-The Victory screen at the end of every battle has been give a general quality of life update.

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  1. Not sure if this update corrected this or not but last night I kept having the game crash while trying to do the Phantom Breaker Battleground quest. I was using Therese, Meline and Kyrie and it would crash during various combats and I would try to restart the quest over and over again and never could complete the mission.

    1. Are we talking about a Crash to Desktop? If so you might want to see if your computer was running a lot of stuff, often times when that happens it’s because the computer can’t handle things at the time. If you’re not running anything that’s putting a lot of strain on your computer, try downloading the game from either our GameJolt or Itch.io pages, as you might have gotten a bad download so re-downloading the game from a different site is generally the best way to resolve that.

      1. Yeah it is a crash on a desktop. I’ll try downloading a different version as you suggest. Also couldn’t get Orange Kid when I had the 100,000 on me. It just kept doing the “I hope you do prove me wrong” schtick.

          1. Bah! Forgot how much it cost. Might be a good idea to have her remind us of that since we don’t usually play the whole game in one day. 🙂

            Also my PC is still crashing the game, not the PC crashing, when I try to do the Phantom Breaker quest. I did what you suggested about downloading the game from one of the other sites but that didn’t make any difference. So far this is the only quest this happens on. Here I am up to level 30 and still can’t complete it. 🙂

          2. Have you checked that your computer isn’t being overburdened? From reports we’ve gotten that’s generally the main cause to the issue. Also, as I’m trying to reduce the burden this quest puts on people’s PCs, do the crashes typically happen in response to certain fights like the enemies going around instead of the knights, or the knights instead of the common enemies?

            Hmm… I think I’ve got an idea as to how to fix the burden that quest puts on people’s PCs, do you have some way I can get ahold of you (discord, email, etc.) to try sending you a version of the game that might reduce the burden?

  2. Concerning Phantom Breaker Battleground quest, I recall being able to complete it on prior versions of the game, but I’m also having the CTD bug happen on that one quest. My PC is a couple years old and was running a browser in the background during the previous completions of that quest, so I doubt “overburdening” is the cause of the CTD bug in the current version, and yes. The CTDs only happen when engaging any enemies in the tomb. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ones when you pop the chest, the knights, or the free-roaming ones.

  3. email works. It crashes at different times, sometimes when fighting the first phantom, sometimes the monster after the first phantom, i managed to fight three of the phantoms before it crashed but that was as far as I got.

    do you have access to my email from the comments section? Otherwise I could put it up here and maybe you could delete if after that so folks won’t have access to it.

    Did I mention I am really rockin’ this game? 🙂

  4. I’m also getting the crash-to-desktop issue with Phantom Breaker Battleground. I’ve got a fairly high-end gaming PC, so I feel confident in saying that it isn’t likely to be the computer being overburdened.

    1. An overburdened computer has shown to be one possible cause for these CTDs, however it’s not the only cause as you’ve pointed out. I’ve got a theory on what has caused the sudden spike in the issue and I’m trying to tackle it from a few different angles, but not having quick communication with someone who can reliably replicate the issue makes it a lot harder for me to test things out, still I’m going to be working on emailing out a test version to some volunteers. If you want to try helping out with things let me know and I’ll include you.

  5. Does anyone else have problems completing You Get What You Give? When I tried it in v43 Everything worked until the step where after a few days an inn is supposed to be built, at which point the quest description updated to “Missing stage description” and the questgiver continued to speak as if the inn was still in construction.

    1. “You Get What You Give” isn’t complete yet if I remember right from the Wiki. Right now, the quest line should terminate when you begin construction on the inn above the casino. Things haven’t progressed with development to the point where the inn construction ends. Have patience for the next few updates.

      1. Ah, well, the wiki doesn’t place it under Currently Unfinished Quests on the Quests, and the Other Quests page entry on it ends with “wait a few days for the Inn to finish”, but the wiki being incorrect/misleading does seem possible.

  6. I’ve encountered a bug in the daily quest: The Jade Wrymling dropped a Book of Hax[1] and now the game is extremely unstable. Within a few fights the post-battle screen will be skipped at the end of a fight, returning directly to the map. The next fight will not load the interface and then crashes to desktop.

    [1] Itself a bug in two ways. It probably shouldn’t be dropping from anything and it did not appear anywhere in my inventory.

    1. I believe that the bugs you experienced are two different bugs. First, while it says that you got the book of hax, that one was a display bug, you actually got a dragon pearl (an off-hand orb) that bug was resolved in the 0.43.2 release, as for the crashes it took us awhile but I’m pretty sure that the 0.43.3 release should have the answer to your problem in it as it fixes a lot of issues that were causing the game to crash for many people.

  7. I may have encountered a bug in Meline’s Love Quest; I have all three glass shards, but cannot examine the mirror to make use of them. I also have placed all seven statues on the pedestals, but the door will not open. The wiki doesn’t mention any other steps to take for either, so I’m at a loss.

    Doublechecking my steps, the fairy statue’s pedestal (The Moon one, I assume) already had a fire in front of it, so maybe the game somehow already registered it as ‘complete’ despite being there from the moment I entered BF2?

    Reloading from the quicksave before entry doesn’t fix any of the above; mirror still uninteractable, moon pedestal still showing as completed.

    1. There was a bug that was only resolved recently, basically Meline’s Love Quest didn’t reset your temp switches so you probably did something earlier in the day that triggered the same tempswitch that the mirror uses. There are two ways to fix this, first update to the most recent version of the game (the 0.43.3 release) where the bug is resolved then load your auto-save and do the quest. The other option is to load your auto-save, enter the feywoods (the woods next to the elf village) then leave and come back to do the quest. The feywoods are one of the only dungeons that will reset your temp switches on every entry to it, so it can be used in this situation to resolve the bug. Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you’re otherwise enjoying the game!

  8. I’m not sure how but when I in quest “The Phantom Breaker Battleground” game always sudden crash due “RSS3Player has stop” (something like that). It won’t happen in other quest. Hope BadKitty Team fix it soon.
    PS: I play ver0.43.2

    1. We got a lot of reports of crashes during Phantom Breaker Battleground, while usually they were a bit different than yours, we put in a fair amount of time and effort to try to resolve those. Download the recent 0.43.3 release and see if that helps you.

  9. What are the rewards for getting through parts of hard mode? Because I wanna make sure that it’s actually worth doing, and looking at how even the first quest went, I’m gonna really struggle and tbh I don’t want to do it if it’s not worth the journey lol.

    Also, is there any way to change dolls’ names?

    1. The rewards for hard mode probably won’t be satisfying if you don’t enjoy hard mode in of itself, so I’d say that you shouldn’t feel obligated, though many of the quests after the first one are much easier due to how the game is balanced, but the difficulty would pick up again late-game so the first quest at the very least serves to give people a good taste of what it will be like.

      In regards to changing Doll’s name, you get the option when you recruit her but that’s it. You should be able to change her name once every playthrough.

  10. I’m not sure if anybody else has experienced this, but every time I try and do the golden tomb quest, in no specific spot the game crashes.

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