Project Starship joins Bad Kitty Games!

So, Harem Collector’s a wee bit delayed- testing week should begin either tonight or early tomorrow depending on how much I get done today. Hopefully that won’t impact testing much- after all, it’s only two quests (one quite short) and the revamped daily quest stuff to check out.

Anyway, the big news for today: Dr. MadDoc’s adult visual novel Project: Starship is now hosted at! Give it a try, it should tide you over til the next HC release. Check it out here!

6 Replies to “Project Starship joins Bad Kitty Games!”

  1. interesting … funny…………………. lack of ship’s detailed information (i’m interested in hangar bay(best things are always waiting at the hangar))

    1. It’s not that you are too stupid, worry not. I don’t think the artifact has killed you, but it is the end of the first part, unfortunately, from what I can see, that is all there is in the game right now, but with more updates will come more content. Though, the concept seems awesome, and I know I am going to keep updated on it ^^

  2. Just thought you should know that the patreon link on the starship page just goes to the main patreon homepage not their individual one. I found it eventually and donated but it took a bit.

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