May Backer Release Update

The new content for the backer release should be ready by later today. I just have a little bit of polish to add, and it’ll be ready to go. Even the truncated testing week doesn’t seem to be a problem, as there weren’t all that many bugs. Maybe I’m finally starting to get good at this?

One wrinkle- Last night I had a brainwave regarding one sex scene, so I’ve asked Gurotaku for some image edits that should make the scene more unique and interesting. You’ll still be able to unlock the scene for the replay menu and get the satisfaction rewards, though.

I’m also meeting with a potential monster artist later today, which is great! So I’d better get going on delivering that polish. See you next week for the public release.

3 Replies to “May Backer Release Update”

    1. well that’s must be it..
      all inhuman appearance i think, as i remember there should have lizard girl, don’t know when she appear tough..

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