Hey, sorry about the late blog post this week. I was in a pretty deep funk this week, and Wednesday was absolutely a nadir. I was feeling so shitty that morning, there was nothing to do but just wait for it to pass. Fortunately, one of the advantages of dysthymia over regular ol’ depression is that you can just huddle up and wait for it to pass. It only takes a few days, although this week was the worst it’s been for awhile.

I think it had properly started on Sunday, which is why I was so grumpy and ornery during the backer devstream. So, sorry for that.

One good thing about this is that I’m getting caught up on chores. Simple tasks help me get through these things, so when I get depressed things tend to get clean, which helps alleviate the gloomy atmosphere, and feeling that I’ve accomplished something helps me deal. The garden is weeded, the floors are clean, the expenses are filed, and the bathroom is spotless.

Anyway, not looking for a hugbox or anything, just being real about why I’ve been incommunicado all week.

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  1. I don’t know if you heard the news about the Rance translation but maybe that’ll cheer you up a bit! Yes indeed, Mangagamer has slated Rance 5D bundled with Rance VI for release this winter.

    1. I had heard, and I’m looking forward to it!

      Unfortunately, that sort of things is distracting but it doesn’t help. These things just take time, and I’m happy to say I’m feeling pretty good today.

      1. well if you live in a house I suggest making a pitcher of Ice tea (or what ever cool beverage you like) and have a nice little lunch outside on your deck/patio. the sunlight will do you good and it’s a nice relaxing change, and apparently some study in japan says the more sunlight you get helps stave off depression.

        on the other hand depression often leads some excellent dark humor so… kind of a catch 22 in my opinion.

        1. I’ll take that under advisement! Unfortunately it’s been hot as hell here (four separate heat waves so far this summer, with temperatures around 40 Celsius/104 Farenheit before humidity) so sitting outside has not been a welcoming prospect.

          The thing aboutr Dysthymia that makes it so much easier to deal with is the short duration. When I start to feel depressed, I know I’ll probably be better by next weekend. It takes away a lot of the anxiety and despair from the equation, which I know sounds odd, but there it is.

  2. Hope you feel better!
    Not to take away from this, but I wanted to ask about a bug that I am experiencing (I think).

    The game doesn’t show me any scenes of Nerys and Doralice, instead it’s just a black screen. It is the same for the replay.
    I tried deleting the game completely (losing my save 🙁 ), but it did not fix it either.

    Any idea how to fix it?

      1. There is still dialogue, however the rest is just a black screen. Same in the replay system. In both cases the game will just continue as normal, just no CG’s I guess.

        I was hoping deleting the game and getting a fresh download would fix it, but sadly that was not the case 😛

        Appreciate the help!

          1. Also, this first started during the (July?) version, with Nerys. However, the August version with Doralise has it too. Could it perhaps be my RTP or something?

          2. No, Nerys doesn’t have CGs either. Needless to say, both Doralice and Nerys are top priorities when it comes to DrawingNeko.

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