The Squire Party

Last Sunday Lewdgamer shared an editorial on hentai game introductions (that you can find here) that I took a look at. The subject of the editorial piqued my interest, and since it was written by T51-b, who you might remember as the person who wrote that update article on HC back in January, I decided to take a look.
Just about when I was thinking, “Yeah, maybe HC’s opening could use a little bit of punching up,” I see this:

After getting over my “Senpai noticed me” feels, followed immediately by high levels of smug, I figured I’d talk a little about the opening this week.

First off, not many people realize this but the current opening isn’t the first opening to the game. The black-screen-and-disclaimer bit has always been a part of the game, although the disclaimer itself is currently on the fourth or fifth version at this point. But originally, instead of opening on the squire ceremony, the game would instead open on the Hero standing out in front of the manor, lamenting his lack of ability to purchase the manor. While this original version of the opening laid out a few things pretty clearly- that the Hero wanted a harem of sexy slave girls and that the manor provided the Hero with enough space to host such a harem- most of the other important information that the Hero needs to start the game was missing.

One of the things that I’m particularly proud of with the squire ceremony opening is exactly ow much information is laid out for the player in a rather short amount of time. Just by going around, talking to people and having drinks, the player learns that:
-The Hero is an adventurer, and has been for awhile.
-Who Gargan, Raina, Meline, and the guildmaster are.
-The function of the two vendors at the Adventurer’s Guild.
-The layout of a guildhouse, so you can identify them on sight.
All this in addition to similar exposition about the Hero’s goals that already existed in the previous opening. Plus, particularly sharp players can pick up a variety of details about the world and it’s setting. Most importantly, you’re interacting with the world rather than sitting through some exposition about it.

If I could change it, I’d figure out how to stuff a sex scene in there somewhere- early sex scenes always help draw me into a game, and maybe getting a handjob or something from Raina would help build up excitement for getting her later. But all in all, I guess it’s a pretty great opening sequence!

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  1. Well it’s both a pretty distinctive feature and at the same time it really helps to set the tone for the whole game. Definitely, it’s one of my favorite parts of the game. The initial disclaimers also hit a good medium between humor, silliness and the more serious tone.

  2. Honestly I think the opener may be better without the sex scene. Before lucking into the rat tail and the manor, Hero is in the position of not quiiiite being able to get what he wants. Getting laid at the end of the first quest really hits that “and NOW things are going my way!” notes.

  3. T51b here. Nice to see I’m getting some love back.

    I can see why you made the changes. If anything, it’s not the amount of info in the first few minutes that I think improves it, so much as the fact that this version of the intro gives the players a chance to see your MC go around talking to people.

    That’s so important, because you really are banking on the distinct Rance-esque personality of your MC, and conversation is a stronger way of showing that. In fact, you are genuinely one of the few devs who I wouldn’t recommend changing the appearance rate of sex scenes. It might make sense for you to give a little tease (more sexualized flirting with Reina), but anything more then that might have detracted from the fun of watching the MC be a dick to people.

    As I said in the piece, I think the way you open your game really does show off the benefits of having a secondary mode of engagement besides sex.

    P.S. I’m waiting with baited breath for the Reina love quest, and really do hope you get a chance to put a collar on her. Haha, I can be a fan too.

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