Holly Jolly Fapmas

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s enjoying the new content in the game and having a good winter holiday. I know I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve the most- Nekochan and I usually make the 24th our “couples Christmas” day, since everyone is usually so demanding of the 25th. We’re exchanging presents then going out for teppanyaki. 😀

Just wanted to let you all know:

-Larelle’s Wallpaper and the backers-only Christmas present will be available for $5+ and $2+ backers respectively on December 25th!

-Yamamaya’s Wallpaper will be available for everyone thee same day.

-There will be no daily streaming from December 24th-January 2nd

-On the 30th will be a special holiday stream, where I will be running a game of the Maid RPG for a handful of lucky supporters, and you’re all involved to watch! Booze will flow, dice will be rolled, and a good time is to be hand by all.

Or else.

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  1. Hey, Nomoshing. Being kinda busy lately so I couldn’t follow much at all, but Happy Holidays for you, Nekochan and the team. I’m hoping to be back as soon as I can!

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