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As of version 0.46 the game now features mod support. You will be able to find them on the forums, where they will be uploaded, where you will also find download links and installation instructions. But here is a description of them and a link to their individual forum page

Mod List

Extra Hard Mode

Made by Omegon Are you are pro at Harem Collector?

Do you seek new challenges?

Then I have got the Mod for you!

Presenting: Extra Hard Mode

What does it do?

It replaces the regular Hard mode with an even harder version (I've said the word hard a lot haven't I?). Regular Hard mode adds +20% to all enemy Stats, among other things.

Extra Hard Mode changes that to +50% Speed, MP, ATK and MAT and +70%LUK, while leaving the bonuses for HP, Defense and Resist at +20%, to avoid additional grind, while making enemies more dangerous.

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Faceless Protagonist Mod

Made by Hiusto

This mod removes the MC's eyes to give him that classic Hentai vibe. I literally made an account only to post this, so I hope you guys like it.


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Inconvenience Fixes

Made by RomeoPapa

This mod aims to fix some of the minor inconveniences in the game:

  1. First on the plate is stopping that green haired dude in the Wench's Gash pub, so I bound and gagged him
  2. Next on the plate is stopping the grind with the Money Making Game. So now in the game found at Shally's Tavern you will automatically win the game and it will auto-detect how you can win and give you it all in one go
  3. Now it's all that running around for gifting you girls. This handy little expansion will put two newts in Northmarkets Master Bedroom. One will allow you to gift all the girls from there instead of running around and the other is a gift shop, plus he will let you gather up all the gifts your girls have for you

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Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod

Made by HorseHater


What is this?

This is the Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod, a fan-made mod which features a short adventure/dungeon that focuses on interactions with the five harem members that have won the Iron Waifu competition. It features dialogue, combat, a text-only sex scene, and a quest to liberate/rob a young man locked away in an enchanted tower.

This mod works by adding a "map pack" to your game, a small self-contained file folder that holds all data from the mod. In order for the mod to work properly you must be using either the latest public release version of HC (which at time of writing is V0.47.4) or else the latest backer version.

In order to play the mod, you will need to have recruited all five characters who have won the Iron Waifu competition; Alina, Therese, Larelle, Quinta, and Kyrie.

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Old School Facesets

Made by Cazador

Recapture the light tone of the early days of Harem Collector!

For people playing with a version that allows modding (0.46 and further), this mod will replace facesets that are currently in an artsy style, and make them animu again, in line with the art style the game started with.

All 6 characters that started with an animu facesets but have since been redone will return to their original style: Hero, Alina, Therese, Larelle, Yamamaya, Clementine (Sometimes it's not really their original facesets, I had to create new expressions for Clementine for example,)


There are also 9 characters who never had an animu faceset to begin with, but new old school resources were created to make the mod more complete. These characters are: Quinta, Pandora, Natya, Nerys, Diadira, Miri, Bell, Silvayuco and Queen Melfi.


(There's no guarantee that they're all as good as Pandora.)

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Pony Hero

Made by RomeoPapa & YukoValis

So ever wanted Doralice to dress Hero up as a pony during that one scene in Shipping Disaster? Well with some help from YukoValis who made the sprite, now she will.


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Roaming Cerulean + Wiki-tan

Made by RomeoPapa & Moonblack

Alright so I made a mod where you can find Cerulean roaming around Northmarket Manor like the cat if you happen to have him unlocked.

You won't have to unlock him using the name "Stark" there will be an event when you leave Northmarket for the first time that will unlock him. I also fixed his EXP curve and gave him skills.

You will now also have the chance to get upgradeable equipment for him after meeting the dog god.

And while I was at it I decided to update Moonblacks Wiki-tan mod for 0.46. You will be able to find her in all your homes plus a little secret somewhere in Northmarket Manor

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Unrequire Hero

Made by RomeoPapa

Ever wanted to try putting together a combat team without Hero? Perhaps you only wanna look at the girls or maybe you want a team of all mages to tactical nuke the enemy? Well then this is the mod for you. You will be able to replace him in the party menu.


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Not just a class Swap!

Made by Sgt Hebert

Ever wanted to swap more than just your Class with Eulania? Wait no more! With the NotJustClassSwap mod, You can swap your body on top of your class!

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Mini Games

Made by RomeoPapa

So I wanna fill the game with mini-games First up is the highly requested fishing mini-game. More to come later

Fishing You will find the fishing spot right above the fisher's hut east of westcastle. When you click it, arrow will appear over the top of Hero's head, press the arrow key in the direction of the arrow

Fishing Mod.png

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Cursed Grenade!

Made by Sgt Hebert

Hello everyone, ever wanted to gamble in battle? With this mod, you'll be able to with cursed grenades. The effects range from awesome to awefull! Now available at the shady guy in the junk shop!

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These are guides for people looking to create their own mods.

Harem Collector Modding tutorial

Made by 2095conash

This is an introduction to modding. How do I get started? What do I need to do it? stuff like that will be answered in this guide

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Advanced guide to modding

Made by RomeoPapa

This as the name suggest is for the more advanced modder. It mostly uses scripting to accomplish more advanced features normally not available through the normal options available in the editor. Aswell as some tips and trick I have discovered and find useful when modding