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As of version 0.46 the game now features mod support. You will be able to find them on the forums, where they will be uploaded, where you will also find download links and installation instructions. But here is a description of them and a link to their individual forum page


Mod List

A Knight at the Opera

Made by RomeoPapa & Moomabelle

And now finally we get some Nicholas x Hero content. This is a story about some wholesome dubcon written by our very own moo @moomabelle brought into the game by me.

Hero and Nick goes to the opera and sexy hijinks ensues

The story is done like a vignette, to see it Nicholas must be at atleast trust and you must have completed Get Dumped. Then just go to the Diary in Hero's bedroom and choose "A Knight at the Opera"

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Ambidextrous Hero

Made by RomeoPapa

This will give Hero one-handed versions of his weapons. Just talk with Kevin to upgrade from Rusty Sword to Fate Ender as normal. And Ino as to upgrade from Fate Ender to Fate Ender+ as normal

Also there's a hidden set of Shield and one-handed weapon somewhere in the game. Have fun looking


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Better Timeturner

Made by RomeoPapa

Because of how modded maps (map packs) works, the timeturner wall natively crash when used in a map pack. This fixes that issue, you can now use it like normal. It will be unusable in maps where you can't save and will be useable everywhere else, just like basegame.

Tip for modders

If modders wants to prevent the timeturner from being used on their map(s) turn off saving, don't forget to turn it back on when the player leaves.

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Better Z-Goggles

Made by RomeoPapa

Just a quick little mod to give the Z-Goggles some actual use. Now once you buy the Z-Goggles another option in the Satisfaction Shop will appear to upgrade the Z-Goggles.The improved version reduces threat by 50%

(In case someone is curious why I didn't just improve the base version, 1 satisfaction for a 50% threat reduction seemed too cheap, and I didn't just increase the cost of the base one because that'd make it cheeseable by just buying it before installing the mod)

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Bomb Shop mod

Made by Zephyr Shadow

Bomb Shop: Bomb Quest

Hello welcome to my Mod which I upgraded from utility to full quest, The Bomb Shop will function the same with my own brand of bombs alongside the base game bombs for sale in one east to access location. Still present in the mod is the Grand Prix Speedrunners with their special accessories, a teaser fight with the correctly named Hellbert and the skippible Zephyr and Stacy sex scene (MxM tomgirl content) and the hero getting a skill.

The new content I have been working on (and being a bit lazy on) is

  • 5 new quests with story content,
  • 3 new partial* Harem members,
  • Sex scenes to be added both Zephyr and Stacy and Hero and harem member scenes,
  • Lastly Zephyr and Stacy will join the party as a duo member with special skills.

(partial because they will have date scenes rather than be in the relationship system)

The location of the mod is beside the bridge to the south of Northmarket after investing in the Bomb Shop and coming back later the Shop will be upgraded and the content will be open to access Hellbert content is between Zephyr and Stacy to Start Bomb Quest go east to find the Killer Rabbit.

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Book of Hax allows saving in dungeons

Made by Cazador

As you know, you can't save freely in dangerous areas, but only on magical seals. Now there's a mod so that you can re-allow saving. It modifies the Book of Hax, making it so that when you use it, you regain access to the saving menu. It's a simple mod, so it should be version agnostic.

(Book of Hax is an easy mode cheat item.)

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Brazen Waifu

Made by Eregul

Currently very much in beta. Please do not risk a saved game that you care about! Brazen Waifu does seem to play nice with most other mods.

  • Answers the question: what if you did decide to take the Clockwork Scorpion during "Check Out My Package"? Answer: you would have an awesome clockwork scorpion as part of your harem.
  • Adds Skorpy as harem member and best girl (you will need to go through "Check Out My Package" to recruit her)
  • Some content specific to Skorpy if she is in the party at GearCon during "A New Girl Just Like Clockwork"
  • Some new enemies
  • A new Love Quest for Skorpy
  • A text-only, skippable h-scene

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Casino Extra mod

Made by Sgt Hebert

Hello everyone,

Here's an add-on for the Mini games Casino. (Require V6.1 or up)

So far it adds a Dice wheel game.


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Closet Reborn

Made by Zephyr Shadow

Adds a curtain in NM Mannor bedroom that will let you swap between some outfits made by me some based on existing sprite work.


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Combat Tweaks

Made by RomeoPapa

I made a mod that makes some changes to the base game combat mechanics, just because I prefer them this way or things that annoys me about how enterbrain chose to do things.

Speed There is this property you can give states called "Speed" but it actually only affects the regular attacks (Thanks Enterbrain >.>). I however have changed it so it now also affects skills

Pharmacy There is this parameter called Pharmacy, that increases healing done with items, this now also affects healing skills

Buffs/Debuffs So the regular buffing system done by Enterbrain gives you the ability to apply up to two stages of buff and debuffs each worth 25% for a maximum of 50%. Anyone who has worked with numbers and balancing knows those numbers are just insane, this bothers the hell out of me. So instead I have changed it to now have 3 stages each worth 15% for a maximum 45%, these are numbers that are still worth it but makes it less of a no brainer. 1 maybe 2 stages of sure, but is the 3rd stage worth the risk of losing the action invesment? Maybe, maybe not. It also helps incentivise removing buffs from enemies/debuffs from yourself, as you can spend 1 action to nullify 3 actions of investment from an enemy

Addon Since I realise not everyone like all of these I have made an addon that requires my modded options menu mod. It allows you to turn those features on and off as you see fit

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Crafting Window

Made by Sgt Hebert

Shell mod for in game item crafting (only a frame work for other mods)

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Cursed Grenade!

Made by Sgt Hebert

Hello everyone, ever wanted to gamble in battle? With this mod, you'll be able to with cursed grenades. The effects range from awesome to awefull! Now available at the shady guy in the junk shop!

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Custom Font Changer

Made by Sgt Hebert

      • Requires Romeow's Mod Options Menu***

Here's a little something I tried, Font Changer. V2 also allow to change Font size and Color V3 makes it easier for you to add more font. V4 Fixes issue with Conash's memory leak fix. Also introduce the lite version. (Currently not compatible with previous version, only works with V4+) You'll need to install the 2 parts To use: open the game go to Mod Options and select the font you want! Sadly it doesn't update in real time (thanks Enterbrain) but exiting the menu will update it, sorry.

To add you own font, add them to the Font folder and add their name in the script file. 17 font available (+ default).

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Custom Menu Graphics

Made by Sgt Hebert

      • Requires Romeow's Mod Options Menu***
    • A huge thanks to Romeow for rewriting part of the script to allow adding more option with editing the script**
    • To add new skin place them in Mods/Graphics/System/, they have to follow this guideline: WindowX.png change X to the number you want, you can't have a gaps in numbers**

V4 now compatible with Conash memory leakage fixes! Here's a little something I tried, custom windows skin. Below are 3 example. To use: open the game go to Mod Options and select the skin you want! 19 skin available.

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Event Manipulation

Made by RomeoPapa

There are ways to manipulate the event by simply naming them, this is gonna be a modding tool I wanna make that gives modders more options. If you have new idea or ideas to improve a current one, feel free to let me know

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. none so far

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Extended Hard Mode

Made by RomeoPapa

This mod will be adding extra features to further increase the difficulty of the game. This mod however will not be adjusting the hardmode stat so it can be used in conjuction with Omegon's Extra Hard Mode

This mod is now modular (Sorry just had to make the joke), as in you can now select which features you want enabled at the beginning of the game during the ceremony

Iron Man
The first feature is an iron man feature. Meaning once you die all your saves will be invalidated, trying to load a save from a playthrough you died on will kick you back to the main menu. Also only one playthrough per game, so if you make a new game then any saves not from that new playthrough will be invalidated

Now when your party member dies there is no way to revive them

Item Limit
Now you cannot have more than 10 of each item. Only exceptions to this rule is any key items needed for quests, Dark Seeds, Heart Tokens and trash items.

Party Limit
Your party will now be limited to only 3 members instead of 4. (If you have any saves prior to v4 this feature will not be unlocked upon installing as it requires you to start a new game to enable it)

Skill Learning
You will not be able to learn skills from Book or Orbs permanently. You can however still use the skills by having them equipped

Field Regen
Regen effects like Doll's healing and the Rhinestone Gloves, won't work outside of combat

Field Items
You can only use items in combat

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Extra Hard Mode

Made by Omegon Are you are pro at Harem Collector?

Do you seek new challenges?

Then I have got the Mod for you!

Presenting: Extra Hard Mode

What does it do?

It replaces the regular Hard mode with an even harder version (I've said the word hard a lot haven't I?). Regular Hard mode adds +20% to all enemy Stats, among other things.

Extra Hard Mode changes that to +50% Speed, MP, ATK and MAT and +70%LUK, while leaving the bonuses for HP, Defense and Resist at +20%, to avoid additional grind, while making enemies more dangerous.

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Faceless Protagonist Mod

Made by Hiusto

This mod removes the MC's eyes to give him that classic Hentai vibe. I literally made an account only to post this, so I hope you guys like it.


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Fluid Movement

Made by Sgt Hebert

Proof of Concept, Makes walking animation smoother! Sprite supported at the moment: - Chemei - Kyrie - Swimsuit Kyrie - Swimwear Hero - Swimwear Meline - Swimwear Therese - Therese - Meline - Hero - Ino - Violet - Lilac - Healbot (Felix) - Brigandine

(Thanks a lot to Zephyr Shadow for some of the reworked sprites!)

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Hard Game Over

Made by Sgt Hebert

New GameOver screen for challenge run (Extended hard mode + LASO)

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Harem Collector Randomizer

Made by RomeoPapa

So this is the start of a randomizer mod for HC.

Party Randomizer At the start of each day when you have more than 4 party members it'll randomly select 3 of those (4 if you have Unrequire Hero installed) and make those required so you have to use those

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Harem Collector Zoo

Made by RomeoPapa

So my butterfly april fools joke gave me the idea of populating the HC world with various animals

For now the mod only spawn animals on the overworld, more as a proof of concept and I'd like to get some opinions and possibly iron out some bugs, as this was a larger endeavour than I first imagined, so if there isn't anyone interested in this one actually happening, then I'll leave it in it's current state

Credits: Amysaurus for Butterfly recolors, Eagles and Dog recolors: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/amysaurus-sprites.17846/#entry172349 LastLaugh for Owls: https://grandmadebslittlebits.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/animal-sprites-worth-keeping-resurrected-from-dead-sites/ whtdragon for Ducks Raccoons, Foxes, Bunnies, Wild Goats, Squirrels, Mice, Chinchillas, Rerrets, Birds and (unleash) The Kraken: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/whtdragons-animals-and-running-horses-now-with-more-dragons.53552/

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Helping Hand

Made by Sgt Hebert

Require ModdedWeaponUpgrades and Equal Opportunity Stat Gain by Romeow

After multiple people asked for it. Here's a mod to convert non combat harem member into party member. You can do it in the smithy.

List of character supported:

  • Alina
  • Florine
  • Ino
  • Kevin
  • Nerys
  • Penelope
  • Randi
  • Bell
  • Quinta
  • Miri
  • Apple kid
  • Orange kid
  • Melfi
  • Evanie
  • Fiona
  • Amiri
  • Violet
  • Lilac
  • the 2 cats
  • Vanille (requires Neo mod)
  • Fragalia (requires Neo mod)
  • Chocolat (requires Neo mod)
  • Renfeld
  • Serade
  • Jalila
  • Doralice
  • Shally
  • Silvayuco
  • Lola
  • Nicholas
  • Meiriona
  • Hanelore (once she joins the harem)
  • Doralice
  • Eulania (supported by NotJustClassSwapV2)
  • Cursed Grenade Seller (requires Cursed Grenade mod)
  • Sally (requires The Menagerie mod)
  • Calluna
  • Gargan & Raina's Mom
  • Natya
  • Mitzi
  • Fox
  • Genie
  • Kairi
  • Final Wish

  • More coming!

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Horny (Status) Pack

Made by HorseHater

What is this? This is a very, very simple mod that I made in about half an hour. It's function is also simple, it provides a way to apply the "ultra-horny" status effect to yourself so that you can see random sex-scenes by interacting with the beds in any manor.

Have you ever come back to the game after an update to find out that there are a bunch of new random sex scenes that you want to see, but your only save file has completed all or most of the available content? Enter this mod. All you have to do is travel into the map pack, interact with the table, and leave. Enter as many times as you like, there's literally not even a temp-switch involved in the entire mod to cause issues.

This probably exists elsewhere in some other mod, but I needed the practice so I decided to do my own version.

How do I play? In game go to the code machine in the starting manor (The lever in the top right of the East Wing 2nd Floor) and enter "Map Pack" followed by "Horny Pack". The codes are case sensitive, so make sure you are typing them in correctly. Once you have done so, the game will transfer you to the map pack and from there all you have to do is walk straight upwards.

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Inconvenience Fixes

Made by RomeoPapa

This mod aims to fix some of the minor inconveniences in the game:

  1. First on the plate is stopping that green haired dude in the Wench's Gash pub, so I bound and gagged him
  2. Next on the plate is stopping the grind with the Money Making Game. So now in the game found at Shally's Tavern you will automatically win the game and it will auto-detect how you can win and give you it all in one go
  3. Now it's all that running around for gifting your girls. This handy little expansion will put two newts in Northmarkets Master Bedroom. One will allow you to gift all the girls from there instead of running around and the other is a gift shop, plus he will let you gather up all the gifts your girls have for you
    1. There is now a new recycle option. This will allow you to specify which girls/boys you want to have show up in the gifting script. If their name is green they are on, and will show up in the gifting script. If their name is red they are off and will not show up in the gifting script. Everyone is on by default
  4. Now you can do Alchemy right in your own bedroom with your very own imitating alchemy newt
  5. Next up is something that has bothered me about the fater ender scene. Before the scene will pick the party member with the highest affection towards the hero, however if there were multiple girls with the highest value, then because of how RPGM usually works there's a priority system, making some girls really hard to show up. However I made a little script to randomize it, so now if there are multiple girls with the highest affection it will randomly pick one of them.
  6. And now numbers, I don't like how numbers aren't grouped, so now I give the player between 3 different types of groupings or no groupings at all (There will be a visual example)
    1. Credit goes to Yanfly, the original code came from "Yanfly's Ace Core Engine". I just took that part of the code and modified it to work for HC. Link to original script here
    2. Second note: If this ends up causing too many formatting errors for it's likely to be removed. But I haven't come across anything yet
  7. I wanted a way for people to access the bank without having to actually go there, and since Jasonk requested Item Storage too, I decided to roll those into one since there is already a third party scripter out there, who made something for that, and I just had to make a few adjustments to add it to the ingame menu and make it work with the already existing bank system in HC
    1. Credit goes to Galv for making the original script for this. The script can be found here
    2. You won't be able to access the option during the starting sequence or in dungeon. To avoid money cheesing
    3. I have been informed that there is a limit to how much you can store in the item bank (not the money), without it crashing. The exact limit may vary from player to player, but I can't be sure. In any case there is nothing I can do about this, it's just the nature of how this script works, you can overburden the game by storing a huge amount of items.
  8. To go along with the remastered gifting script, I have now made the colors for gifts change based on a girls preference. Green is Loved, Red is Hates/Disliked and White is Neutral

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Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod

Made by HorseHater


What is this?

This is the Iron Waifu Dungeon Mod, a fan-made mod which features a short adventure/dungeon that focuses on interactions with the five harem members that have won the Iron Waifu competition. It features dialogue, combat, a text-only sex scene, and a quest to liberate/rob a young man locked away in an enchanted tower.

This mod works by adding a "map pack" to your game, a small self-contained file folder that holds all data from the mod. In order for the mod to work properly you must be using either the latest public release version of HC (which at time of writing is V0.47.4) or else the latest backer version.

In order to play the mod, you will need to have recruited all five characters who have won the Iron Waifu competition; Alina, Therese, Larelle, Quinta, and Kyrie.

No link available

Less Legs mod (for arachnophobes)

Made by Zephyr Shadow

SM version: A silly mod that replaces the spiders in the games with something with less legs (and more friendly neighbourhood)

Spydir version: a bit less silly this version replaces all spiders with Spydirs a winged creature from Ausland and a note in North Mannor just to explain it in game (sprite added)

Spydir art is part of a free pack from https://cryptogene.itch.io/free-mons...ture-demo-pack

Thanks to RomeoPapa, 2095conash and Cazador for helping me work out how to do this

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Made by Sgt Hebert

Ever tried a LASO playlist in Halo or just used some skulls? Want to do the same in Harem Collector? Say no more! This mod require Mod Option Menu

This mod will let you "enjoy" the following skulls;

  • Iron
  • Mythic
  • Boom
  • Famine
  • Recession
  • Black Eye
  • That's Just... Wrong
  • Thunderstrom
  • Blind
  • Assassins
  • Anger
  • Ghost
  • Streaking
  • Tough Luck
  • Tilt
  • Bandanna
  • Distraction (not Halo based)
  • Homeless (not Halo based)
  • Stranded (not Halo based)
  • Grunt Birthday Party
  • Prophet Birthday Party
  • Double Threat (not Halo based)
  • Thirsty (not Halo based)

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Lazy Wardrobe

Made by Sgt Hebert

Mostly to save time for other modder: Automate the adjust_sprite process for the mods using the Wardrobe framework (only for Wardrobe V2)

Just install it, nothing more to be done

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Lucky Dice

Made by Sgt Hebert

Hello, this is a quick mod, it add an item with which you can gamble. You can gain or loose up to 10,000 Sil No need to do anything, it'll be in your inventory as soon as you load your game. Have fun and gamble responsibly!

V1 had an issue where the dice would have no effect. The fix is to rename the "Common Events" folder in mods/data/ to "CommonEvents"

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Media Player

Made by RomeoPapa & Sgt Hebert

The Media Player lets you play any BGM you've encountered on the go! (or shut them down) Requires Romeo's MoreKeybinds mod Simply press "M" to access it. Play will restart the BGM, Pause will go back to regular map based BGM and Stop will turn off all BGM, be it media player based or map based.

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Mini Games

Made by RomeoPapa

So I wanna fill the game with mini-games First up is the highly requested fishing mini-game. More to come later

You will find the fishing spot right above the fisher's hut east of westcastle. When you click it, arrow will appear over the top of Hero's head, press the arrow key in the direction of the arrow

Fishing Mod.png

Cow Race
In this minigame you will be betting on which cow reaches the finish line first. The reward will be your bet*1.5 if you win, if you lose you lose your bet. The race can be found at the west farm on the road from Northmarket to Westcastle.

Snake Catching
In this particular minigame you will be asked to catch 10 snakes, if you do you win, if not you lose. It can be found at the House of Cocks

It's simply just that a lottery. You will always get a cash payout depending on the amount of numbers you get correct. The payout will be as little as a tenth of what you paid or as much as 10 times what you paid. The Lottery can be found at the Bizarre Bazaar


You will now be able to find a magic scarecrow in Southport that is able to convert the damage you deal to it into Sil. It will however only give you Sil if you manage to beat your old record and even then only the difference


You'll find a casino near Westcastle. They have a Slot Machine and a Roulette table, plus a few drinks


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Miscellaneous H-Scenes

Made by RomeoPapa

This was an April Fools Joke

What the mod actually does is, it has a 33% chance of spawning butterflies every time you change maps, and a 20% chance of changing the weather. It also has a chance to swap some NPCs around in specific locations. And lastly it will always swap the sprite of the twins

I've made several text only sex scenes, some to the harem girls, some to minor NPCs. All of them have special unlock conditions, so have fun hunting until I feel like revealing the secrets muahahahaha :P here's some examples of what you may find:

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Modded Menu Addon

Made by Sgt Hebert

Addon to Romeo's Modded Options Menu

Allows for data to be saved and accessed outside of save files like on the title screen. As a heads up, when installing new mods that require Modded Menu Addon, you'll have to delete ModOption.rvdata2 before launching the game the first time, otherwise you'll get a crash

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Modded Replay Menu

Made by Sgt Hebert

For those who'd like to add sex scene to the game and wish to have them accessible from the replay menu (not quite). Here's the tool for it.

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Modded Start Map

Made by RomeoPapa

This script allows modders to have their own events or script run during the starting map where you choose your name, difficulty, etc.

For Players If you are just here to get the core script for a mod that uses, simply download ModdedStartMap v1.zip, and install as usual

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. Unlock Erryone

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Modded Weapon Upgrades

Made by RomeoPapa

This script will allow modders to add events to Kevin and Ino without replacing their events in the game, and thereby adding their own weapon upgrades in a safe way and avoid conflicts with the base game updating or other modders for that sake

One quick sidenote: There is a minor sequence weirdness with this approach. Normally Ino/Kevin will only upgrade weapons when you select Enchanting/Smithing. This works a little differently, this will always run your event at the end of the base game eventing, so even if the player just opens and chooses nothing straight after, your event will run (For modders: keep that in mind when constructing you event). If this is a dealbreaker for anyone, then I'm sorry, but the amount of BS coding you'd have to go into to make it only work when choosing Enchanting/Smithing, is insane and I'm not willing to do it

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. Helping Hand

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Mod Options Menu

Made by RomeoPapa

This is a script that allows modders to have their own option menu for whatever they might think of

  1. Note the shown options in the first pic doesn't follow with the base script, they are just examples. The base script is just blank except for the "Go Back" and requires other mods to add content

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. Custom Font Changer
  2. Custom Menu Graphics
  3. No Animations

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Moonblack's Mods

Made by Moonblack

A few small mods that I made as tests to see how modding HC actually works. Here are the results: 1) A small edit to Penelope's Love Quest - one of the hallucinations is now slightly more interactive

2) A small edit to the Cloister - will not work if you already visisted the Cloister and opened the chests

3) The three largest investments - Orange Kid, the Accessories Store in Northmarket, and Candy co - will now allow Hero to pay with money from the bank, if he does not have enough cash. In other words: - enough cash - same as before, no change - cash not enough, but cash + money in bank is enough - takes all cash and takes the rest from the bank balance - cash + money in the bank is not enough - same as before LargeInvestmentsEdit.zip

Please report any bugs or typos you find.

No link available

More Keybinds

Made by RomeoPapa

This simply allows modders to make their own custom keybinds. And utilize pretty much the entire keyboard to do so.

First of all, special credit: No this script isn't made by me, in fact this is probably the first time where I've 100% just copy pasted without changing the core script This is made by V.M of D.T and can be found here

I have added my own keybinds that will ship with this framework, the keys are

L which will open up the Load and Save menu E for the Equipment menu I for the Item menu T for the Status menu K for the Skill menu

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. Media Player

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Mouse Controls

Made by RomeoPapa

With this you will be able to move around and navigate menus using the mouse

Big thanks to Shaz porting the script to Ace and Near Fantastica and SephirothSpawn for originally making it
Link to Shaz's forum page here

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My Little Pony Mod

Made by LightningGear

Just a start.There isn't a lot yet.Hope to add more soon.The encounter is in North Market Adventure Guild right after the intro. 1 new enemy

No link available


Made by RomeoPapa

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Harem Girls
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Party Characters
Class Umbrella Girl
Gender Female
Age 20
Hair Color Pink/Brown/White
Eye Color Pink/Brown
Northmarket Manor Personal Tavern
Eastfort Condo Dining Room
Westcastle Manor Dining Room
Southport Manor Slave's Quarters
Elf Shrine Dining Room/Kitchen

Story Information

Hero met this girl while he was wandering around northern middle kingdom where she decided to just follow him, and hero being hero let her follow.

Other than that not much is know about this girl, but she seems to use a sort of magic not seen in this world before. And has a weird knack for overdesigning umbrellas.


Neo is in the game as a party member and giftable girl with relationship rewards and all (although they aren't completed yet) You can find the recruitment encounter along this path: NeoRecruitment.png



  • Level 1
    • Illusions: 8 Mana. Target 1 enemy. Will confuse the target into attacking himself or his allies. Damage has a 50% chance of curing the confusion. Lasts 2 - 4 turns
  • Level 7
    • Disquise: 7 Momentum. Target self. Will increase Magical Evasion, Evasion and Crite Rate by 30%, Increase Magic and Attack by 15%. Lasts 4 turns
  • Level 12
    • Decoy: 5 Momentum. Target self. Will negate all Magical and Physical damage for 1 turn
  • Level 15
    • Cloak: 12 Mana. Target all allies. Increases Magic Evasion and Evasion by 30%, increases Magic and Attack by 15%
  • Level 21
    • Umbrella Defense: 8 Momentum. Target Self. Increase Counterattack rate, Magic reflection Rate and Certain Hit evasion by 80%

From Equipment:

  1. Neo Hat:
    1. Nightmare: 20 Mana and Momentum. Target all enemies. Will use some of the enemies Magic against themselves. 100% chance of inflicting Nightmare (7% DoT effect. Takes 20% more damage for 3 turns)

From Unity Force:

  • Bait and Switch: 5 Momentum. Uses cloak, then follows up with a hit from both Hero and Neo. Each hit has a 33% chance of inflicting Stun, Staggered and/or Bleed.


Equipment Weapon: Umbrellas

  • Starting - Umbrella: Attack: 15, Defense and Resist: 5, Counterattack rate: 2%
  • Reinforced Umbrella: Attack: 25, Defense and Resist: 7, Counterattack rate: 2%, Magic reflect rate: 1%
  • Utility Umbrella: Attack: 35, Defense and Resist: 11, Counterattack rate: 3%, Magic reflect rate: 2%
  • Blade Umbrella: Attack: 45, Defense and Resist: 17, Counterattack rate: 5%, Magic reflect rate: 3%
  • Neo Umbrella: Attack: 65, Defense and Resist: 26, Agility and luck: 5, Counterattack rate: 8%, Magic reflect rate: 5%

Off hand:

  • Starting - None
  • Neo Gloves: Increase healing recieved by 50%. Attack, Defense, Magic and Resist + 2
  • Neo Mittens: Increase healing recieved by 50%, Chance to inflict Coldsnap on attack + 5%. Attack, Defense, Magic and Resist + 4


  • Starting - Bowler Hat
  • Neo Hat: Defense: 27, Resist: 14, Agility and Luck: 5. Hit Rate +5. Atk state: Burned and Chilled 10%, Crit rate + 10%. Unlock skill: Nightmare. Neo will start the fight in Umbrella Stance if learned
  • Men's & Women's Clothes
  • Magic Armor
  • Light
  • Universal


  • Starting - Adventurer's Garb
  • Neo Suit: Defense: 36, Resist: 20, Agility: 10. Resist: Stun, Paralysis and knockdown: 20%. Counter and Magic Reflection + 10%. Takes 10% less damage
  • Men's & Women's Clothes
  • Magic Armor
  • Light


  • Men's & Women's Clothes
  • Magic Armor
  • Light
  • Universal
  • Vanilla Gloves: +5 momentum each turn, Magic cost reduced by 30% and all stats increased by 2
  • Strawberry Gloves: Threat increased by 300% and all stats increased by 2
  • Chocolate Gloves: Crit rate increased by 30% and all stats increased by 2
  • Neo Gloves: 50% chance of another action and all stats increased by 2

Bonus: A set bonus will be applied if Neo wears her Neo umbrella, Neo Hat, Neo Suit, Neo Gloves and one of her canes +6% threat (Puts her at a base 100% again) +1% Momentum regen -5% Mana cost +5% Crit Rate +10% chance of another action



  • +4: Box of Chocolate
  • +2: Lovely Flower, Sweet Perfume, Pearl Necklace, Berry Gera, Porcelain Doll, Slice of Cake, Rock Candy, Monster Fang, Pocket Tome
  • -2: Clockworke Amusemente, Shiny Bits


  • Initial relationship: 21


  • A quest to improve her Umbrella
  • Vanilla Gloves(Missable in the quest)


  • A quest to improve her Reinforced Umbrella
  • Strawberry Gloves(Missable in the quest)


  • A quest to improve her Utility Umbrella
  • Chocolate Cane(Missable)


  • A quest to improve her Blade Umbrella
  • Neo Cane(Missable)

Hidden stats

The following are a list of stats/traits that are not made readily apparent about Neo on the status menu. Be warned that some of these might reveal spoilers about the character!

  • Takes 200% damage from anti-human attacks (becomes 150% after a certain achievement)
  • Has a natural 10% resistance to the 'pinned' status effect
  • Has a natural 95% hit chance
  • Has a natural 95% threat
  • Has a natural +5% evasion chance
  • Has a natural +5% critical chance

Bonus Quests
Winter Wonderland:
You will be able to start this quest by talking to Neopolitan after having finished her RQ. The rewards you will get at the end of the quest will be based on how you do that quest. But the possibilities are:

  • Candied Apple: Magic accessory: Magic +25, Resist and Luck +10. Evasion +5%, magic regen +5%. *immunity to Deafened, Censured, Mana Shock, Mana Drain and Burned
  • Mistletoe: Heave accesory: Defense + 12, Luck +10, Resist +6. Threat +20%, Momentum Regen +1
  • Christmas Present: Light accessory: Agility +12, Luck +10, Attack +6. Hit +10%, Evasion +10%, momentum regen +4
  • Permanent +100 luck buff for everyone
  • Neo Mittens: Look at Neo's equipment for a run down

Big thanks to PandaMaru for the christmas themed sprites, battler, tilesets and other graphics. Here's a link to her forum

Southport Tea party
Talk with Neo once you have 30 affection


A list of all her furniture and room stuff

Quinta will now draw a Neo portrait Neopolitan portrait: Love: Alina, Chimei, Natya, Quinta, Neopolitan

Neo's Furniture preferences

Like Love Hate
Lady Statue Piano Dragon Head
Aloe Vera Dill Memorial
Begonia Dux Classic
Bonsai Blevins Cup
Cactus Torre-Bartel Cup
Draceana Quinta Portrait
Monster Deliciosa Natya Portrait
Palm Tree Chimei Portrait
Schefflera Alina Portrait
Landscape Painting

Neo's Room Preferences:

Northmarket Manor:

Front Hall East Wing- 2F East Wing- 1F West Wing- 2F
Front Hall Hallway Hallway Hallway
Bathroom Dining Room Tavern (Love Room)

Eastfort Condo:

Eastfor Condo first floor
Dining Area (Love Room)

Elf Shrine:

Elf Shring
Central Hall
Dining Room (Love Room)

Southport Manor:

Southport "Manor" True Southport Manor Slave Quarters Slave Quarters continued
Southport "Manor" Entrance Hallway Hallway
Chair Area (Love Room)

Westcastle Manor:

Manor Interior- 1F Manor Interior- 2F
Foyer Main Hall
Kitchen Left Hallway
Dining Room (Love Room) Top Hallway

Forum Page

No Animations

Made by RomeoPapa

This mod was mostly made for the speedrunners in order to speed up their runs a little more without changing the skill level of the run. However you can still use it in normal playthroughs, just keep in mind this will delete all animations ever, even those that happens in cutscenes

There's 2 versions of this mod now

  • version 1 (NoAnimations v1.zip)
    • This version will have the animations turned off at all times no matter what
  • version 2 (NoAnimations v2.zip or higher)
    • This version will allow you to turn it on and off as you see fit. It however requires my mod menu mod
    • This is not compatible with v1, if you have v1 installed it will overwrite the functionality of this

Forum Page

Not just a class Swap!

Made by Sgt Hebert

Ever wanted to swap more than just your Class with Eulania? Wait no more! With the NotJustClassSwap mod, You can swap your body on top of your class!

Forum Page

Nude patch

Made by Cazador

On the discord server, Derp pointed out that the majority of mods aren't horny. This is a terrible injustice. Harem Collector is a hentai game, and deserves more horny content. I, creator of the best graphical mod ever, decided to be the hero this community needs, and make the first step towards correcting this utter unfairness. And this led to the creation of the Nude Patch. 😏 (Which is clearly the second best graphical mod ever.)


Forum Page

Old School Facesets

Made by Cazador

Recapture the light tone of the early days of Harem Collector!

For people playing with a version that allows modding (0.46 and further), this mod will replace facesets that are currently in an artsy style, and make them animu again, in line with the art style the game started with.

All 6 characters that started with an animu facesets but have since been redone will return to their original style: Hero, Alina, Therese, Larelle, Yamamaya, Clementine (Sometimes it's not really their original facesets, I had to create new expressions for Clementine for example,)


There are also 9 characters who never had an animu faceset to begin with, but new old school resources were created to make the mod more complete. These characters are: Quinta, Pandora, Natya, Nerys, Diadira, Miri, Bell, Silvayuco and Queen Melfi.


(There's no guarantee that they're all as good as Pandora.)

Forum Page

Parasite Load mod

Made by Eregul

Parasite Load

This mod began life because I was irritated that the creepy student in the Magical Creatures building wouldn't buy Orange Slime. It has since become something a little larger.

  • A few new slime enemies
  • A new Quest with a small new dungeon
  • A new item for use in the dungeon: Engorged Sporont
  • Three scenes in the Dungeon: Larelle, Therese, and Yeon
  • More daily encounters in the Abandoned Fort
  • The creepy Southpark student will now buy Orange Slime

To activate the Quest just keep selling slimes to the creepy student.

Forum Page

Pony Hero

Made by RomeoPapa & YukoValis

So ever wanted Doralice to dress Hero up as a pony during that one scene in Shipping Disaster? Well with some help from YukoValis who made the sprite, now she will.


Forum Page

Powered By Wardrobe

Made by Zephyr Shadow

Powered By Wardrobe replaces all existing closet events in the game with Wardrobe menues for easy viewing.

This is handy in general for users to see the costume they want to wear but also can be used by other modders to add costumes to the existing menus.

Forum Page

Roaming Cerulean + Wiki-tan

Made by RomeoPapa & Moonblack

Alright so I made a mod where you can find Cerulean roaming around Northmarket Manor like the cat if you happen to have him unlocked.

You won't have to unlock him using the name "Stark" there will be an event when you leave Northmarket for the first time that will unlock him. I also fixed his EXP curve and gave him skills.

You will now also have the chance to get upgradeable equipment for him after meeting the dog god.

And while I was at it I decided to update Moonblacks Wiki-tan mod for 0.46. You will be able to find her in all your homes plus a little secret somewhere in Northmarket Manor

Forum Page

Scrolling Menu

Made by Sgt Hebert

Shell mod to allow party of more than 4 to be displayed properly

Forum Page

Speedrunning QoL

Made by RomeoPapa

I'll be honest, this mod 100% only exists because JasonK asked for this specific feature, I however named it Speedrunning QoL instead of something else, in case I'll be making more QoL stuff later

All party item usage If you press control during an item usage from the menu, not combat, it'll use the item on all 4 party members if you have enough item. Noise warning: It'll run the item usage sound 4 times quickly in a row couldn't avoid it, sorry.

Forum Page

Stats Overload

Made by RomeoPapa

This is a mod that list a bunch of stats already available in basegame bit for ludonarrative reasons are never displayed or are available but requires a few extra steps to find it. Plus it stores a bunch of new information that was never recorded before. So if you are a stat nerd, this is the mod for you.

Battles Counter: There is a battles counter. Which counts how many battles you've fought. This information can only be found on the infoscreen Girl Data: I now record how many of each gifts a girl has been given aswell as how many totals. You can also see on which day she was recruited. This information can only be found on the infoscreen Day Counter: We have the day counter, which displays how many days have passed. There is also a handy little pop up at the end of each showing which day it is. It will also be displayed on the load screen: Bonk Counter: There is the bonk counter. Which is basically just how many times you've walked into a wall. A little popup will show up every time you do, displaying how many times you've bonked Battle Additions:And lastly we have some additions to the battle screen. First up you'll be able to see how many turns have passed, the battle results screen will also display how many turns you used. Status effects that have a turn limit on them will be shown aswell. None of this information will really be shown outside of battles for obvious reasons. But this was where the mod started and it evolved from there, so I'll include it anyways. An Addon: So the file StatsOverloadOptionsAddon v1.zip is 100% optional. But it will allow you to turn off the any of the two window popup, the turn counter and/or the status effects counter if you are so inclined. Do keep in mind this addon will require my Modded Options Menu to work

Forum Page

Tell me a Porno (easyer easy mode)

Made by Zephyr Shadow

"Tell me a Porno" is a play on the "Tell me a Story" diffculty some games have this will really take away that gameplay that BKG worked hard to make... but thats your choice and maybe you did something stupid like delete your save and you want to get back where you were faster... I belive you really! Adds 3 "cheats" to the Dark shop (the place you take your dark seeds) only on easy mode.

  1. The "Fuck it" skill should kill all enemys in one hit (enemys that are "imortal" won't die for story reasons) you can also remove the skill by interacting with the spot again
  2. Future you will give you lots of money free and for nothing
  3. the magic circle is a power up pad to level you up to level 99
  4. Start again is an option offered by Fwee in the bottom left of the shop he will let you change your difficulty (no cheating for extra stuff) and enable/disable 3D CG's

Made it cause I said I would hope it's some use to someone who maybe likes the story and the porn but lacks the head for rpg battles perhaps.


Forum Page

The Menagerie

Made by RomeoPapa

I'm gonna fill this stuff out later, but this is a quest that adds 4 new custom characters to the game, go to the Westcastle guild to start the quest

Thanks to Nivlacart for the slime girl faceset: https://rpgmaker.net/resources/110/

Forum Page

The Girl

Made by Zephyr Shadow

This mod adds a new girl to the harem you can find outside the NorthMarket mannor. She is an attack type character discribed as a bit of a glass cannon with a mechanic where your skills will level up as you use them she starts with 3 Knife skills that will level up twice. As you gain affection you get new weapons that add skills only accessible when equiped however you can unlock a knife version of that skill which can level up one time further. She also has a diffrent mechanic on gaining affection you must interact with her around diffrent mannors to have scenes with other Harem members.

Who is this mysterious girl and will you be able to find out what her deal is?

Includes: New Harem Memeber 5 weapons and 1 secret weapon 1 sex scene 2 title arts, 1 logo 2 code names 2 alternate costume

Forum Page

Title Replacer

Made by Zephyr Shadow

This mod allowes for alternate title art to be displayed on the main menu. You need to have this installed to make use of any mod that has alternate titles other wise it will use the defult title screen. Title Replacer comes with the old Title art screen and the Sword HC logo included.

Forum Page

Treasure Hunt mod

Made by Sgt Hebert

Hello everyone, This is a WIP, but I think there's enough of it done to be released. The Treasure Hunt mod introduce some helpful item and quest to get them. V1.4 : bug fixes!

To start, you'll need to have Healbot Sprite.png unlocked and go to the new treasure shop in the slum district


I hope you'll like it!

Forum Page

Unlock Erryone

Made by Sgt Hebert

Unlock Erryone, the name says it all

Some user may experience some issue as character are unlock out of sequence.

Forum Page

Unrequire Hero

Made by RomeoPapa

Ever wanted to try putting together a combat team without Hero? Perhaps you only wanna look at the girls or maybe you want a team of all mages to tactical nuke the enemy? Well then this is the mod for you. You will be able to replace him in the party menu.


Forum Page

WASD Controls

Made by RomeoPapa

With this mod you will be able to move around using WASD and you can change your movements speeds used Q instead of ASD (It will cycle through the three difference speeds)

Big thanks to Zeriab for making the WASD control script
Link to their script: https://pastebin.com/mxPhCLbF

Forum Page


Made by RomeoPapa

I was making a wardrobe script for my small side project with Neo and her cosplays, when I realised this script might be useful to other modders, so did some tweaks on the script to make it more user friendly and be as dynamic as I could make it for yet another framework mod (Mostly because Sgt Hebert said he might use it)

Compatible Mods as of writing this

  1. Closet Reborn
  2. Powered by Wardrobe
  3. Helping Hand


Forum Page

Legacy mod

These are mods that have been discontinued by their creator.

Harem Collector Origins

Made by Zephyr Shadow

My April Fools 2021 joke it is in fact a Rance skin for the hero's sprite and face set. Spirte is bases of edits to HC sprites and faceset is from Rance games.


Was merged into Closet Reborn

User Guides

These are for people which would like help with modded content.

Modded Characters

Modded Characters page

Modded Furniture

Modded Furniture Guide

Modding Guides

These are guides for people looking to create their own mods.

Harem Collector Modding tutorial

Made by 2095conash

This is an introduction to modding. How do I get started? What do I need to do it? stuff like that will be answered in this guide

No link available

Advanced guide to modding

Made by RomeoPapa

This as the name suggest is for the more advanced modder. It mostly uses scripting to accomplish more advanced features normally not available through the normal options available in the editor. Aswell as some tips and trick I have discovered and find useful when modding

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